McArdle Family Return To Ireland

For all McArdle  and descendants of the McArdle Family,this is a copy of an e-mail that was passed on to Your Ancestors Free.Com

McArdle Clan Gathering – August 2013
We would refer to the following website called which is an Irish Government initiative to try to encourage as many people who have emigrated from Ireland over the last 200 years to make contact with and possibly to visit Ireland in the year 2013.  
Next year 2013 besides being The Gathering also coincides with the anniversary of the building of the local Church at Shelagh, Hackballscross, Dundalk, Ireland named The Sacred Heart.  This building was built after the reform of the penal laws and this Church has been highly involved in the McArdle Clan over the many years by baptisims, weddings and weekly masses.
The intention is to try and organise a gathering of all descendants of the McArdle Family.  This is not just to include people named McArdle but people who have through marriage like the Morgans, the Rushes, the Callan’s, the O’Reilly’s etc and to bring them all together back to the locality where their ancestors came from in a celebration of a gathering to be held on the weekend of August 9-11th 2013.
A possible form for this could be as follows:
Through website there is a specified area for the McArdle Clan to congregate and communicate.   This website will contain information such as accommodation in the local area, local events around the town etc.  In the next number of weeks and months the intention is to populate this website with as much local information of accommodation, events, possible times and possible events specific to the gathering.  
The gathering has been registered as a dual event i.e. the gathering of the McArdle Clan which is a family event and also as a genealogy research event.  Therefore for anybody attending the intention would be to bring them on a tour of their genealogy ancestors residence and birthplaces together with their Baptismal Church and possibly associated graveyards in Crossmaglen, Shelagh, and in particular Creggan which has the oldest known grave in the McArdle Clan i.e. from 1740.  This gathering of the Clan also will involve all the descendants of the McArdle’s who are still living on the island of Ireland and in particular in the vicinity of the home place i.e. Courtbane.  
In the days prior to and after the main event facilities will be looked to be laid on if possible for going to the local areas associated with the McArdle Clan in the immediate area but in a more general tour of areas such as Newgrange, Battle of the Boyne, Monasterboice, Mellifont Abbey, Carlingford and other associated local areas of history could also be included.
Fergus McArdle


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