Family Photos, The Laverty's

Can anyone place this photo and the people in it. It was given to me by a cousin in Ireland. On the back it says 27 MAY 1931. My cousin said that her mother thought the photo was of the Laverty's. The Laverty.'s were my Grandmother, Elizabeth Laverty family. I have never seen a photo of Elizabeth but she could be in the photo. The lady second from the left would seem to be the most like my Grandmother from what i have heard about her. The Laverty,s were from Dunturk in County Down and were farmers.
Please leave a comment if the photo looks familiar.


  1. There are still Laverty,s up about Dunturk Road. I am from the family Lee, neighbors of theirs. There were other families too: Milligan, Savage and Connor, I don't know exactly who's who in this picture but the Lavertys could tell you, Email me and we'll try to figure this out. S. Lee

  2. Hi just noticed the photograph of the Laverty family. The lady sitting down wearing a scarf/ tie, reminds me of my ancestors, the Connors?

  3. They could be Connors as my Greatgrand mother was a Connor,would you have any photos to match them?


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