Start Your Family Tree In Five Easy Steps

Finding your Ancestors is getting very popular especially with the Baby Boomers. In the past ten years the amount of information available on the Internet has grown to fulfil this need. There are many free and paid sites that you can visit but before you start that, its a good idea to record what you know about your family history.

1) The first task is to talk to each person in your immediate family about your Ancestors. In particular your surviving members of the older generation.

2)Start by compiling a list of Birth, Marriage and Death records, residency locations and occupations. Make a note of all the family tales that you have heard from your relatives. Keep in mind that the spelling of names can change over the years.

3)See if you can find any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates of your Ancestors. Old letters, Diary's or photos can be like treasure with vital information coming from them.

4)Visit family burial plots if possible. Graveyard inscriptions can be a valuable source of Information

5)Sketch out a family tree chart using what information you have. Then concentrate on filing in the gaps. Set yourself tasks to research and always record the information you find, making note of the source.


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