How To Find Those Missing Ancestors

How do we find those missing Ancestors. It is a long and slow procedure. Sometimes we get lucky.
I am using Ancestry.Com as my main resource as the family that i am researching spent a number of years in America.

I had a lucky find a couple of weeks ago. A marriage record on Ancestry.Com for a Mary Gregson to a Harry W Mills. They were married on the 8th April 1909 in Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware. This was a wonderful find as i have been researching her and her family for a couple of years now. This may have been her second marriage but i have not been able to find the records for her first marriage. Nothing wrong with that except when she married Harry Mills she had three children but on the record it says she is single.
This could mean that she never married her first husband,or she got a divorce or she was still married when she married Harry Mills.
I have not been able to find any divorce records so i have come to a halt for the moment. I find when this happens it is better to leave the research for a few days.


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