Fairbridge Kid

I saw a street in the EastEnd of London crowded with children-dirty children,yet lovable,exhausted with the heat. No decent air,not enough food. The waste of it all!Children's lives wasting while the Empire cries aloud for men. There are workhouses full,orphanages full and no farmers.
Farmers-children ...farmers children. And then I saw it quite clearly:train the children to be farmers. Not in England.Teach them their farming in the land where they will farm.Shift the orphans of Britain to the shores of Greater Britain where farmers and farmers wives are wanted.
Kingsley Fairbridge,aged twenty-one,writing of his Vision.

Fairbridge Kid tells the story of John lane. As a ten year old in 1933 he was one of a party of fifty child emigrants who left England for a new life at Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School in Western Australia.
I read this book over ten years ago and i re found it today when i was clearing out a chest of drawers. Fairbridge Kid written by John Lane provides a moving account of how despite the best intentions of many people to help the underprivileged they is no substitute for the love of parents and family


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