Irish Superstitions

If your Ancestors came from Ireland, then there is a good chance that you have heard of a few Irish Superstitions.
One of them is the story about the 'Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son'
In Irish Folklore he possessed Supernatural Powers. It was said that the Seventh Son would have these powers but if his Father had been the Seventh Son then the powers were greater.

My father would tell me the tale that his youngest brother was the 'Seventh Son of the Seventh Son' and on occasions had been able to see into the future. 'Uncle Tony' was indeed the Seventh Son but after finding my Grandfather and his family in the Census. I realised that my Grandfather was the Eighth Son as he was the youngest child of ten, eight boys and two girls. Now we all know that the Irish can tell a tale and my Dad was no exception !


  1. Or that a woman who married someone with the same surname had the cure for whooping cough!


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