Sharing Your Genealogy

A few days ago i made a connection on my family tree. It was on some research that i had started a few years ago and had stopped as i was not getting anywhere.We have all been there,given up when not getting anywhere against the brick wall.
I belong to a group researching the same area so i get e-mails every time someone makes a posting. I do not always read the mails but this one just caught my eye so i sent a reply and then received one back, we had a connection. This does not happen very often so when it does its very exciting.
So next comes the sharing of all the information and rechecking this information for the source. This is why we need to keep good records of all our sources,then we can recheck easily.
I spent a few hours today looking at the marriage records on Ancestry Ireland . Its free to search and easy to keep putting in different years and names to find the record that you are looking for .To view the full record it costs 4 pounds.
Take a look


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