The Not so Free Ancestors

Is it just me or has the price of Genealogy Sites suddenly gone up in price? I have always paid by the month which works out to be more expensive but i would imagine that most of you will pay this way.

On checking today i found that the UK Heritage monthly was $21.95. The UK Heritage Plus monthly was $24.95 and the World Heritage monthly was $49.95. I seem to remember not too long ago paying around $34 Australian dollars for The World Heritage monthly.I am not aware of any new collections having been added on to Ancestry.Com.

So it seems to me that Ancestry are losing customers, so what do they do ,they put the price up. The people who take out membership have to pay more to compensate for lesser numbers. I would have thought that dropping their prices would bring in more customers.

Thankyou to all Gennealogy Sites that are Free to trace your Ancestors.


  1. It is a shame that it costs so much to trace your ancestors using some of the paid resources out there.

    The Army museums Ogilby Trust is useful for military genealogy and it's free too.

  2. I use and find it good [i do a lot of headstone photography also and like to delve in to records for those not related to me]. My 6 monthly Full (Explorer + 1911) subscription is coming up next week and it's going to cost me £74.95, which includes a 20% loyalty discount. This equates to $NZ158.00. I know if i cancel i'll find heaps of things i want to look up LOL! Damned if i do damned if i don't! I don't like the way the do their B, D & M indexes...just pages and pages to sift thru whereas tend to pinpoint peoples details and you don't have to wade thru so much, but i don't like Ancestry.coms attitude to things when you complain to i did regarding my Family Tree Maker software.... they skilfully get rid of your comments from their newsgroups and when u suggest things to them.... they ignore you... no customer service at all...very suss! So i don't really want to back their product at all....oh woe is me! :P Yes it is expensive but sometimes well worth it...i think about the information and enjoyment i've got/had for what really boils down to buying only 5 certificaters...

  3. Thanks to Sandy and Fred for your comments.
    I have cancelled my membership a few times only to have taken it out a couple of weeks later when i have needed to look up records.

  4. Grief sorry for the typos etc! I should have proofread ;-)


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