Your Ancestors Free

Your Ancestors Free is back online. You may have wondered why it was quiet on this blog. Well the reason why is this. It was to be my Mothers 80th birthday on the 1st of March. My Brother who also lives in Perth , Australia decided that he would go over to England and surprise our Mum, so i thought that i would go too.
When she got over the shock she was pleased to see us. We had a lovely week in england and some good nights out with family.
We had just recovered from the jetlag when we had to do it all again. It was good to arrive in Perth,i have had enough of flying now for a while.
When you are on a long haul flight to Australia or England you think how amazing it is to be able to fly to the other end of the world so quickly.So different to how our ancestors arrived in Australia after spending weeks on board ships. Even the 10 Pound Poms had to spend a few weeks on board ship before arriving in Australia.
Now that i am back i will continue to add to this Blog, so i hope that you will find it useful.


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