English Ancestors

For the past week i have been doing some family research for my neighbour. It feels so good to be at the beginning of the journey where the records appear and the path is open. So different from my own family research that has come to a stansill. I can not get motivated at the moment to go back to it. No doubt ,some of you are feeling the same. Maybe this is a good thing,a bit like dieting when you reach a Plato.
Take a break, think outside the square ,you never know when something is going to pop up on the page.
I was looking on the web site Ancestry.co.uk today. In particular the pension records for the 1st World War. Did you know that each record has about 12 to 16 pages to view. What i was looking for was an address and next of Kin and i found them around page 14.So the next time you are looking at the Milatary records keep this in mind, the next of Kin on the record is a big find and could confirm your ancestors place in the family tree.


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