1939 National Register

Conducted on 29 September 1939, this emergency census-style survey of the civilian population of England and Wales was taken in order to issue identity cards to the country's residents in response to World War II.
Much like a traditional census, the Register contains personal details including name, date of birth, occupation, marriage status and address for each of the country's residents.
Members of the Armed Forces were not included in this Register as they had already been called up for military service.
Information from the 1939 National Register is available to applications, but only for individuals who have died and are recorded as being deceased. The application is expensive - £42 - and no money will be refunded, even if a search of the records is unsuccessful. Information can be requested on a specific individual or a specific address, and information on up to a total of 10 people residing at a single address will be provided (if you ask for this).
NHS Information Centre - 1939 National Register Request



  1. Have any readers applied for information from the 1939 National Register?
    I sent my application on 13th. April 2010, my enquiry has been "escalated" (twice) and is with the "specialist team", but to date I have no information from the Register.
    It would be interesting to hear others' experiences, and perhaps an indication of the quality of the infomation(s) received.


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