Family Tree Research

How much time do you spend looking for the same records, trying to break down that brickwall?
I am guilty of this , spending too much time looking for the same missing records. This year i am going to be more time efficient and move on to new research. I suggest that you do the same .


  1. LOL short and sweet and had enough? Know that feeling :-) I find new records added to various sites i hunt though..that's why i go back, and it's worked in the past..however a short break away from sites can help! Refresh the mind....think about frustrating brick walls in another way and approach from fresh angles.

    I did some research for an uncle recently [he married in to my family so the connection i was researching wasn't blood linked to me] and amassed a heap of information in a few was really a boost for me! Try hunting down someone elses stuff for a challenge :-)

    It's like writers block sometimes isn't it!!
    All the best.

  2. Thanks Sandy,
    I do not listen to my own advice, i was back searching half an hour after that posting


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