Brick Walls in Research

Yesterday i suggested that if you were up against a brick wall in your research you you should take a break and change direction. This is easier said then done as i have found out. I have been looking for a marriage record now for months,i thought that i had found it yesterday. On checking again today i made the decision that it was not the right record.
It is strange how certain ancestors seem to get inside your head, as though they have a story to be told. So if you need to keep at that wall go ahead, you never know....


  1. I totally agree with your statement on brick walls certain ancestors get inside your head, for me its my granny, daft thing is I knew her but never asked questions, now I find myself having to keep going back and forth for the person i knew or thought i knew I cannot find either she was a very good story teller or i have spent two years researching the wrong woman. The problem is nether parent is named on her marrage cert, and as I have already spent hundreds of pounds on subcriptions and certs its getting beyond a joke, in my opinion all the census records should be free to view to all and access to early elcetorial rolls should be the same after all anybody born before 1910 is now likely to be dead so what harm can it do to give free access to all

  2. Welcome to the Brick Wall. A problem shared is a problem halved.
    You need to leave some or your Ancestors details in a comment and i will see what i can find .


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