Angela's Ashes

Frank McCourt died last year. He was famous to me for the book he wrote named 'Angela's Ashes'
When i try to imagine what it was like growing up in Ireland in the 30's i always remember this book which also became a film. My father grew up in Northern Ireland in the 30's. He was born into a farming family so there was always plenty of food to eat.
Food and the lack of it features in Angela's Ashes' Having waited 40 years before he told his story, Frank did not cover up any details of his childhood.
When i look back at my childhood. I wonder how i survived at all. It was of course, a miserable childhood; the happy childhood is hardly worth your while. Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood and worst yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood
Frank grew up in limerick, Ireland, the family had moved to America but returned after Frank's sister died in Brooklyn. The book covers the period of age 3 to 19 in Franks life. It is the story of his stuggle to excape poverty.
If your ancestors came from Ireland then i recomend that you read this book or even see the film


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