Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free Genealogy Help for Lavertys From County Down

Are you researching Lavertys from County Down. We are looking for people who are researching the name Laverty from around the Castlewellan area in the Loughinisland Parish.

We have Lavertys from Dunturk and Drumnaquoile, going back as far as 1811 to today. We would love to hear from you and would include your Lavertys in our research. We could have the missing link that you have been looking for.

Just leave a comment if you would like our help and then we will arrange to contact you

Friday, October 30, 2009

Birth, Death, Marriage Records Ireland

Researchers of Irish Ancestors understand how hard it is to find records for their family line of interest. and have limited information about Ireland. I have been researching the surname Laverty and have been unable to get any further without comformation from a marriage record and a birth record.
The marriage record to confirm the father of the groom and the birth record to confirm the name of his mother.
I had narrowed down the dates for both records using a a couple of sites. One, Emerald ancestors to find out the marriage details. Then i had found the Ancestor in the 1901 and the 1911 census. This had helped narrow down the year of birth. To confirm the father of the groom i could have ordered a marriage certificate from Ireland. This would have cost around 11 pounds .I took a cheaper option, i found the records on Ancestry Ireland. I used the pay as you go method and paid 8 pounds to view 2 records. I was happy with the results but i had been quite sure before i viewed the records that they were the right ones.

So take a look at Ancestry Ireland and when you are sure of your dates take the plunge and view the records

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free Lancashire Parish Records updated

This site has Free Lancashire Parish Records. Not all areas and years are covered but the owner of the site is updating all the time. This is a very valuable resource for family research which is free to view and search.

The Witches of Pendle

After researching the Hartley family, i was interested in the Witches of Pendle. The Hartley's, lived on a farm in Barley and came from the same area as the Pendle Witches, although at different times .I have not made a connection with any of the Hartley's and the Witch's but you, reader may be looking for some information for your own research.

The Witches of Pendle lived during the reigns of Elizabeth 1st and James 1st between 1558 and 1625. It was a time of fear and superstition among all classes of society.
Wells, ponds and groups of stones were thought to be a sign of fairies ,elves and goblins. Evil spirits were thought to lurk around the countryside waiting to cause injuries. Charms such as horse shoes were thought to be effective in keeping away bad spirits.

The only true account of what led the 'Witches' to be hanged at Lancaster is a book titled 'The Wonderful Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster'. It was written by Thomas Potts who was Clerk to the Judges of Lancaster .He wrote the book three months after their execution.

The witches came from two rival peasant families who lived on the slopes of Pendle Hill. They were led by two old women in their 80's called Elizabeth Southern nicknamed 'Demdike' and Anne Whittle nicknamed 'Chattox' Making a living by begging, they were feared by the local folks who thought they had special powers.

Nine 'Witches' are hanged in Lancaster on the 20th August 1612

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Australians ,good rates for

I have just taken out a new monthly membership for . With the value of the Australian dollar up, this is a good time to take out membership. World coverage still covers Australia with all the records from England and the USA.

Nelson Girls Drown on Derwentwater

This is a true story that i read in a copy of Northern Life. It interested me as my Grandmother could have been one of these girls had she been born a few years earlier.
On the Friday the 12th August 1898,five girls fron the Lomeshaye area of Nelson,all weavers drowned on Derwentwater.
Nancy Pickles 20, Helena Clegg 21, Frances Crossley 21.Alice Reed 21, Mary Jane Smith 21.The girl were all best friends and were on Holiday at the 'Towers' in portinscale near Keswick.

On the Friday before they returned to Nelson the girls were out on Derwentwater in a
'Skiff' that they had hired.
The boat was 20 feet long,4 feet wide but only 17 inches deep in the middle. It was only supposed to carry six passengers but the boat men said it could safely carry 8.They had 2 men rowing and and another man sat in the bow.

After leaving good weather behind the wind started to blow and the water became choppy.Its unlikely that any of them could swim as their hometown of Nelson did not have any municipal baths at the time.Something i found interesting as i learned how to swim at Nelson Municipal Baths.

In the choppy waters the boat began to take on water and began to sink. The girls in their heavy clothing were unable to save themselves and their bodies were recovered a few hours after. The 3 men were able to stay alive and were rescued by other boats on lake.

All 5 girls were buried at Walton lane in Nelson and a Hugh monument was built to remember the five friends who died far too soon.