Friday, October 30, 2009

Birth, Death, Marriage Records Ireland

Researchers of Irish Ancestors understand how hard it is to find records for their family line of interest. and have limited information about Ireland. I have been researching the surname Laverty and have been unable to get any further without comformation from a marriage record and a birth record.
The marriage record to confirm the father of the groom and the birth record to confirm the name of his mother.
I had narrowed down the dates for both records using a a couple of sites. One, Emerald ancestors to find out the marriage details. Then i had found the Ancestor in the 1901 and the 1911 census. This had helped narrow down the year of birth. To confirm the father of the groom i could have ordered a marriage certificate from Ireland. This would have cost around 11 pounds .I took a cheaper option, i found the records on Ancestry Ireland. I used the pay as you go method and paid 8 pounds to view 2 records. I was happy with the results but i had been quite sure before i viewed the records that they were the right ones.

So take a look at Ancestry Ireland and when you are sure of your dates take the plunge and view the records


paughanstown said...

I am researching the Laverty family from Co Monaghan,around 1800's. Little informaion so far. Fingers are crossed

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