Irish Leaving Ireland

I have just read an article in the 'Irish Central' newspaper. It appears that history is repeating, new data shows that 500,000 Irish people are set to emigrate from Ireland in 2010.
Ireland's population is set to plunge to its lowest point since the 1950's.
Ireland's Labour Party says that data from the tax authorities and the Central Statistics office shows that nearly 500,000 people will flee the country in 2010.
Joan Burton, who is the party's finance spokesperson, says the mass emigration will include everyone from the "breakfast roll man to the children of the wealthy professional classes '
"Unlike past episodes of emigration which were confined to the poorest under-classes, now figures as diverse as the man with two kids and the 4x4 Jeep who worked in construction, to newly qualified teachers and wealthy professionals are all preparing to emigrate," she said.
She says that cross-party colleagues say that emigration issues is "an increasing feature of constituency work."
And she said that "many parents and grandparents are now using their savings to set up their children in foreign countries".
What the article did not say was where they were going to,i would have thought that Australia would be one of the top places that they would want to move to. What do you all think?


  1. For a look at what contributed to all that,
    a video may be recommended, showing the expert
    opinion that led into the crisis.
    It shows three news shows in 06/07, financial
    experts forecasting and advising. Most of them incredibly wrong, one, Peter Schiff, diagnosing right, warning in good time. It's very popular because it's so easy now to see the expert bluff. That opinion dominated
    Irish newspapers don't have much of a
    comment section where it could be pointed
    out, hence this little detour here. For many
    people it obviously makes a lot of sense
    watching this one for many reasons. It's
    a "wow" because everthing speaks so clearly
    for itself.


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