Family History Research

Have you revisited lately research that you did a few years ago. Someone made a comment to me today about a family line that i had researched a couple of years ago. I reviewed this family and found that i had gone back as far as 1746. The names were familiar but it was not a study that i had been drawn to . I have my most intriguing families that i always return too. This family looked very interesting today and i should go back into it as fresh information may be available now that i hadn't used before.
We tend to dwell on the same research, sometimes going round in circles when the information is there .If only we had asked Great Aunt Mabel in the begining we would not have spent all those sunday afternoons searching the internet.
I think i should make a to do list and put in order the research i have to do , should do and i know now which one i will do. The one which is the hardest but one day it will all be solved.


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