Friday, September 4, 2009

Best Tools For Family Tree

I love starting a new family tree, the pickings are rich and the satisfaction is in the search. If you want to research your own tree or get someone to help you ,the beginning is always the same.

Make notes of what you know already. Begin with yourself , then put in your parents, then your Grandparents. You may know lots about them or just a little bit . Ask any older relative for information that could help you. Names of siblings of your grandparents can be the key to finding your family in the census. The name of a town or County can also be a deciding factor.

As many of us are descended from Irish stock a good place to look for your family is in the Free 1911 Irish Census. It is very easy to use, bear in mind if you don't get results the first couple of times, then drop some of the information entered and try again. Have a look at the 1911 Irish Census .


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