1901 Census For Northern Ireland

As Irish researchers know there is not a great deal on the Internet about the 1901 Irish census. Take a look at this site, the census is available for quite a few places.I was lucky and found the Ancestors that i had been looking for.



  1. It is a good site, but the 1901 census is in fact being digitised in its entirety and is provisionally slated for release at the end of this year, though more likely early next year. It will be free to view. The rest of the 1911 census is said to be likely to go online by the end of August. See www.census.nationalarchives.ie/about/futureplans.html

  2. That is good news Chris.
    This site was really good for me as it was the first time that i found my Grandmother as an 8 year old with her family.I was so thrilled that i e-mailed the owner of the site to thank him and he replied back

  3. Hi
    Looking for Patrick Crystal born County Armagh approx 1832 but was in The 1911 census in Ballynahinch his daughter Mary Crystal born 1888 ballynahich and married James O'Neill in 1910 Ballynahinch If anyone can help I will be in the area 10th to 12th Feb this week, Please leave message for Mary Dean-Nash at the Premier Inn Waring street Belfast. \thankyou in advance and Kind regards To all

  4. Hi

    Looking for Power family Wexford. Found child Charles Power born jan 1908, Father Stephen mother Kate(Kelly).Living Thomas Steet when Charles born. Where did they go? Car'nt locate until 1931 when Charles marries Kathleen/Catherine address then refers vagus!.

  5. Just found this marriage record for Charles in 1931.


  6. Thanks family search. I have located the marriage of Charles Power and his birth but car'nt find any referance to the Power family or where they were living between 1908 and 1931. They don't show up on the 1910 census.
    I'm not even sure of any sibligs as I'v only got this info.

  7. Hi Felix,
    i found something on a Chales Power on this site.Look at the name Ward,does this mean anything to you?



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