History on Facebook

Most people who spend time doing their research on line would have heard of 'Facebook'. No doubt quite a few of you will be a member of 'Facebook' too. I have worked out a system for finding old school friends, i look for their children.

This has worked a number of times for me as the 'Children' are now all in the early 20's age group where membership of sites like facebook seem compulsory.

I found an old school friend yesterday we haven't seen each other for 30 years. It was nice to look through the photos that she had on her page. There was one photo there, a group photo taken at our high school reunion in 1991. I did not attend this as i had moved away from the area. It was good to spot old school friends but the thing that stuck me the most was how dated they all looked with the "big hair' and floral dresses.
So try out facebook if you have not all ready and find old friends from your past.



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