Frederick William Pinnington,

In a earlier post i wrote about the research that i had done on Frederick William Pennington. Within a few days the research had drawn comments that i had the wrong parents for my Frederick as they were they parents for his Frederick ,who was not the same one as mine.
After going through my research and notes i agreed with the reader that i had made a mistake. That was a few months ago and since then i have finaly found more records on Frederick.
I had been looking for months for William Pinnington and his wife Ann in the 1851 English Census. Frederick would have been just a baby,so they should have been easy to find. I was on Genealogy forum and i was very thrilled to have this problem solved. The Pinningtons as i have since discovered this was how they spelt their name,were in the 1851 cenus but their name had been copied down as Vinnington.
The marriage certificate revealed that Ann had been Ann Nettle from the Parish of Bidston. This mention of Bidston was the conection that i had been looking for as Fredericks grandaugheter has said that the family had lived in Biston. Ann was the daughter of Frederick Nettle who was mentioned in her marriage certificate as being a Gentleman.


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