British losses at Jutland, English Ancestors

British Losses at Jutland, 31st May to 1st June 1916, HMS Indefatigable

Extract from the Official History ‘Naval Operations' by Sir Julian S Corbett 1923

At the other end of the line the duel between the ‘'Indefatigable and the ‘'Von der Tan'' had been growing in intensity till a few minutes after 4.00, the British ship was suddenly hidden in a bust of flame and smoke. A salvo of three shots had fallen on her upper deck and must have penetrated to a magazine. She staggered out of the line, sinking by the stern when another salvo struck her, a second terrible explosion rent her, she turned over and in a moment all trace of her was gone.

The Battle Cruiser lost 57 Officers, 960 men, 5 civilians, only 2 men survived .

28 year old Allan McMullen Stoker 5136S of the Royal Navy Reserve lost his life that day.

Allan was the son of John and Mary McMullen, Harrington, Cumberland. He is remembered with honour at the Plymouth Naval Memorial.


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