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Will's Connor and McMullan, Drumnaquoile

Patrick Connor

He died on 28th November 1908 - Aged 72 - Unmarried

He appointed his nephew Hugh McMullan of 19 Curwen Street, Harrington, Cumberland, Iron Worker, and James Connor of Dunturk as his Executors. (Hugh McMullan made his mark on the Affidavit of Executor.)
"I give and bequeath my holding in Drumnaquoile and any chattels thereon and anything I may die possessed of to my said Nephew Hugh McMullan, subject to him paying my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, he having already advanced me upwards of £30, and subject to his paying my Nephew Patrick Connor of Workington who was injured in Works £10 as a legacy I leave to him."

Will was dated 8th August 1904 and it was signed by Patrick himself in his own hand.

The Farm of Land in Drumnaquoile was held on a yearly judicial tenancy and was 6 acres 0 roods and 20 perches statute measure.

John McMullan

He died on 26th April 1910 - there was no age given on the IR Affidavit. As this was an Administration there was just the Affidavit of Mary McMullan, which she signed in her own hand, and also the Intestate Bond which was signed by John Connor and Daniel Connor both of Drumnaquoile. On this there was 5 acres approx. which was purchased under the Land Commission.

Mary McMullan

She died on 28th March 1913 - Aged 54 - widow with 10 children.
( the age here is wrong as Mary must have been around 64)

She appointed James Connor Snr. of Dunturk and her son Michael McMullan as her Executors. She left to her daughter Mary £30 at her marriage date and until then she was to be kept on the farm free of all charges. Subject to that legacy everything else was left to Michael.

The Will was dated 13th January 1913 and was witnessed by David Reid of Drumnaquoile and James Macardle of Ballywillwill.

There was a Codicil to her will - this was dated 1st February 1913. Michael was also to pay to the Rev. Hugh Gallagher C.C. Dunmore or the curate of the same parish at the time of her decease, £5.

The land involved in this was 7 acres 1rood and 24perches - this was originally noted as a judicial tenancy and valued as such, but this was then

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