McMullan Family, County Down to Cumberland

John McMullen was born in 1848 in Downpatrick, Down, Ireland.

Mary his wife was born Mary Connor in 1851 in Clough, Loughinisland, Down, Ireland. Clough was a town land of 396 Acres.

The first five boys they had were born in Down, Ireland. John was the first, named after his father. He was born on the 20/09/1868. Then came Hugh 1870, Patrick 1873, William 1876 and James 1880.

The family packed up their possessions and moved over to Cumberland in England some time between 1880 and 1881.

John McMullen and his family were found in the 1881 English Census. The family were living at 169 Sibsons Place, Harrington. In the district of Whitehaven, Cumberland. John was 33 and Mary was 32. John's occupation was listed in the census as a labourer.

Description of Harrington from the National Gazethar of Great Britain and Ireland 1868:

Harrington, a parish and seaport in the ward of Allerdale-above-Derwent, county Cunberland. 2 ½ miles south of Workington and 5 miles North of Whitehaven and is a subport to Whitehaven. It is a station on the Whitehaven junction railway. The town, which consists of several streets, is of modern date, having a small pier harbour at Bellaport and is a subport to Whitehaven. There is a 44 feet high fixed light and is seen 11 miles distant on the coast.

John and Mary added to their family here. Mary born 1882, Ellen 1883, Daniel 1886, and Allen 1890.

The McMullen family, were still in Harrington in 1891 and were included in the 1891 English Census. John was now 42 and Mary 41. Their eldest son John, had now left home. The second son Hugh was 20 and his occupation on the census was a Steelworker.
John was still a labourer. Hugh was 30, still living with the family and working as a Steel Worker. Patrick was 28, his occupation was listed as a Bronzeworker. William was 25 and a Steelworker. Ellen was 18 and a school teacher. Here for the first time the last son is mentioned. Michael, born in Harrington in 1892,was 9 years old at the time of the Census.

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