A letter sets a scene from the past

When you were beginning your family tree, you gathered together all the information that you could find. Were you lucky enough to find an old letter?

Old letters can set a scene from the past and give us a real insight into the writer's life The letter or parts of the letter can become a feature on your family tree.

Did any of your Ancestors leave their country and head off in search of a new beginning. If you can find that journey, then that can also become a feature on your family tree. Passenger records are available for you to search through. They can hold some interesting information. Usually the name and age of the person, whom they were travelling with, their occupation, where they were heading to once the ship docked, how much luggage they were taking with them. If you have membership with Ancestry then you will have a good chance of finding that journey. You can also order copies of those records from Ancestry. If you have not been able to find that outward passage then maybe your Ancestors had a holiday back in the homeland. Ancestry also has the records of ships that sailed into England and Ireland on return trips from the USA.


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