Irish Ancestor, Daniel McMullan

Discharged for being Drunk and Disorderly

Daniel McMullan was 15 years old when i last found him in the English Census

of 1901. The elder brother to Allan 11 and Michael 9. The two girls Mary and Ellen were 19 and 18 so there was a big age difference between him and his older brothers. Hugh 30, Patrick 28, William 25 and James 21, were still living at home even though they were adults.

Sometime between 1901 and 1910 John and Mary McMullen returned to their homeland of Northern Ireland. Michael returns with them but its unclear if Daniel goes with them too.

Next Daniel is enlisting in the Royal Lancs at Barrow in Furness, number 14846. Source citation here is The British ww1 Pension records 1914-1920.

He was 27 years old. Trade or calling was listed as a Labourer. He answered yes to the question ‘'have you resided out of your father's house for three years”

His father John McMullen had died in Northern Ireland in 1910 and his Mother Mary had died in Northern Ireland in 1913.

The new recruit was cautioned and signed the declaration at Barrow in Furness on the 20th October 1914.

Earlier in January of that year, his younger brother Michael had signed his wedding certificate, when he married Lizzie Laverty at Drumnaroad Catholic Church. By residing in Northern Ireland, Michael would not have any involvement in WW1.

Michael now a farmer with a young wife and nine children around the corner was living a different life compared to Daniel.

The description of Daniel in his Army papers was as follows

Height 5 feet 7 and ¾
Weight 156lbs
Chest measurement 38 inches
Complexion fresh
Eyes grey
Hair dark
Religious denomination Roman Catholic

Daniel served from the 20th of October 1914 until the 22nd of March 1915. He was discharged under the code Para 392(X) K .R having been convicted of an offence by the civil power before enlistment.

a)Assaulting a police officer
b)Drunk and Disorderly
c)Three months hard labour

It was also noted that his character was good previously. The order states that he was in prison in Carlise awaiting discharge

There was one more interesting piece of information that came from these papers.

He gave his next of kin as Brother John, Coatbridge, Scotland. I last found John McMullen in the 1881 census as a 13 year old. With this new piece of information I was able to find John in the 1901 Census in Coatbridge Scotland.

This is where we leave Daniel, as my records don't go any further at the moment. He was to survive the Great War at least, as his army papers were stamped the 6th of April 1922 for his army pension. I can remember my father mention an Uncle Dan. It seems that the McMullan brothers were all big drinkers. I have heard tales of them coming out of the pub in Workington on a Saturday night, ‘Drunk and Disorderly' and ending up falling into the dock after a good punch up. But that's another story

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