Great Gift Ideas

Its my daughters birthday in a couple of weeks time and i have been researching on the net for some gift ideas. I have seen lots of things that i would like that no one would think of buying. Number one choice would be a years membership at Emerald Ancestors. Number two choice would be a years full world membership at .Number three choice would be some look ups at Emerald Ancestors. My daughter turning 22 would not not like any of these things. I found a great site though with gift ideas that she would like. She would love a laptop and it would give me back my laptop as she is always taking it into her bedroom. Just had another gift idea , a nintendo ds, she would love one of those and she could use it on the train going to work. I have found one on the same site at I can order something online and save time not having to go and shop around looking for something.Just had another thought, i could borrow the nintendo too.
So take a look at this site, for some great ideas. I will pass this site on to my husband then if all hints fail he can order me some flowers.


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