Frederick William Penington, English Ancestor

Frederick William Penington
Born 28th of May 1850, Liverpool ,Lancashire

He would live an eventful life over two continents and two centuries.
The first records we find are of his christening on the 8th of August 1850 at St Peter’s Church in Liverpool. He was the first child born to William Frederick Penington and his wife Ann Penington nee Sutton.William and Ann had married in 1849 at St Philips, Liverpool.

We next find Frederick William Penington in the 1861 English census. Frederick is 10 years old, he has two younger sisters Elizabeth and Litchi .The three children are living with their father William in Everton, Liverpool. William is listed as being 36 years old and a boarder at that address in Everton. There is no mention of a wife for William or a mother for the children. The census records William as being a widower. The Occupation for William here was a Pilot In those days it was a Pilot of the waters and not the sky.

The trail from here goes a little cold on Frederick for a while.

The story that had been passed on to Frederick’s granddaughter was that William married a young girl only a few years older than his son Frederick. Frederick had found this news hard to accept. He had a falling out with his father. He left Liverpool vowing never to return to his father’s house again.
I was able to find William Penington in the 1871 English census. The story is backed up here. William is now 47 and has a young wife, Elizabeth who is 26 years old. They have a daughter called Minnie G Penington who was 11 months old at the time of the census. The young family are living in Everton and the Occupation for William was Pilot number 5. The marriage records for William and Elizabeth also help confirm why Frederick was not happy about the marriage .They were married at St Davids,Liverpool in 1864.That would make Frederick around 14 years old and his new Step Mother 19 years old.

So what happened to Frederick? His grand daughter believed that after leaving Liverpool, he went to Manchester. He became friendly with Henry Gregson and his family. The Gregsons lived in Hulme, Manchester. Frederick married Mary, Henry’s daughter. Mary Gregson, had been 20 years younger than Frederick ‘Had history been repeating itself’.

The last records of Frederick that we have for the moment were taken from the 1900 United States Federal census. He was with Mary, their son Frederick Jr, 5 years old and a daughter Anita, 4 years old. They were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The record stated that Mary, Frederick and Frederick Jr had arrived in America in 1896. Their daughter Anita had been born in Pennsylvania in May 1896.

Here we go back to the history that has been passed down through the family. It is believed that Frederick Williams never returned to English waters. He had his own Livery company and was successful on the work front. Happiness on the family side was short lived. Mary and their children would return to England, leaving Frederick Williams back in America.
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  1. I think there may be a mistake in your history of William Frederick Penington. My great great grandfather William Frederick Penington was married in Chester in 1857, aged 32, which would fit birth in 1825. His father is one the marriage certificate as John Penington and an attorney. He then emigrated to Australia. My great grandfather George Penington corresponded for many years with his aunts who are also listed in the census of 1841. There was more than one family of Peningtons in Liverpool at the time. Please get in touch if you want to discuss

  2. Hello Micheal,

    first i have checked the name Penington and i should have wrote Pennington
    This is the marriage record
    PENNINGTON William SUTTON Ann 1849 Liverpool, St. Philip Liverpool Lancashire 2123LP/9/95
    I would have got in touch with you but you did not leave any details

  3. The William Frederick Penington who is the son of John and Arabella Penington was married for the first time on 28 Sept 1857 in Chester at St. Michael's Church. From your posting, I think your William Pennington must be from a different family. If you have an email address I can provide more details if you are trying to research this family

  4. you can contact me on

  5. Birth: 28 MAY 1850

    Christening: 08 AUG 1850 Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


    Mother: ANN

    Extracted birth or christening record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date.

    Source Information:
    Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:

    P020276 1850 - 1854 0093886 Film 6903233 Film

    Sheet: 00


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