BMD records .Order Online

I have had do some research lately so i rejoined This time i just took out the Essentials membership. This cost 10 pounds for one month. Was it worth it? time will tell but i was going around in circles today with out getting any where.
The imformation that i wanted i found on two free sites. and BMD Lancashire. Both are sites that i have recomended and the links are here in older postings.
I wanted to have a look at how much Ancestry were charging for copies of BMD Records as i wanted to order a Marriage Certificate .
Well ,here are the prices , for a standard delivery charge it was 20 english pounds and for the express delivery charge it was 40 pounds. I have also come across the 40 pounds fee on some other Genealogy sites.
Please do not waste your money on these fee's. You can order online for England and Wales for 7 pounds for the standard and i think it was an extra 4 pounds for the express. I will give this link again


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