Ancestors, Break down your Brick wall

So you have built your family tree and now have got as far as you can . You have run out of ideas ,you are up against the 'Brick Wall'
So what do you do? you need someone to help you, maybe someone researching the same family or the same name.
If you belong to Ancestry there are a couple of things that you can do.
Go to the family tree section on Ancestry and type in details of your Ancestor. Look through the results for someones tree with you Ancestor listed there. Try different combinations like the name of a brother, uncle, father, sister, mother.
Take note of who owns the family tree .If it is a public tree, then you can look through it to see if you can make a connection. If the tree is private then you will be able to e-mail them through Ancestry and ask for further information.
Ancestry also have another section where you can look for people who are researching the same Surname and make contact with them.

Another avenue, is to check out the message boards. Using your Ancestors name and place of birth or residence, leave a message on a notice board or you may find a message to reply too.
All of these avenues have worked for me, not only have i gained new information i have made some good friends too.


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