1st World War Romance For Station Mistress

Sarah Hannah Lewis

Sarah Hannah Lewis was born into a coalminers family in Hope, Flintshire, Wales in August 1893
George and Ruth Lewis her parents had both been born in the same area. George born in 1865 at Penymunydd and Ruth born in 1867 at Hope, Flintshire.

During the 1st World War most of the male population were involved in fighting for their country.The women who were remained behind on the home front were employed in jobs, that were normally filled by men. Sarah Hannah was made Station Mistress at the Burton Point Station, Burton on the Wirral.
Needing somewhere local to live, Sarah Hannah found accommodation with a family who lived in Neston.

It was while she was employed as Station Mistress that Sarah Hannah met her future husband. Thomas Cottrell was from a local family in Neston. He was a guardsman on the train line, an occupation that kept him away from the Trenches.

Lizzie Lewis was the younger sister of Sarah Hannah. She too left Hope in Wales to take up the position of Station Mistress, at Neston North Station. Needing accommodation in the area, a room was found in the family home of Thomas Cottrell

Thomas had a younger brother Joseph who was living in the Cottrell house. News reached the Lewis’s in Wales that young Lizzie had become involved with Joseph Cottrell. They must not have thought that this was suitable, as upon hearing this news, George Lewis father and coal miner turned up on the Cottrell door step demanding his daughter.

Poor Lizzie was taken back to Wales, never to return to Neston. The really sad fact about this story was that Lizzie never married or had her own family. She remained a spinster all her life.

Sarah Hannah went on to marry her ‘Cottrell boy’ and settled into life in Neston, where she remained for the rest of her life. Sarah Hannah and Thomas had one son Thomas Alan Cottrell born in Neston in 1923
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