Free 1901 Irish Census

This site researching Ireland is jam packed full of goodies for the researcher.

The 1901 census is complete for all of Rosscommon, Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo. All of the other counties are still under development but are still online for limited searching.
Other databases include Surnames, Townlands, Griffiths valuation. This site is also updated on a regular basis. You will find a link to The Leitrim -Rosscommon Genealogy Web site here.


  1. Do you know when the censuses will be available for Belfast as my family come from there.

  2. For Ireland: The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints (LDS) has complete sets of microfilm for the whole of Ireland and these can be ordered and viewed at any of their Family History Centers around the world.
    The full 1901 is due to be online early 2010.

  3. Can i view the 1901 census for county Wicklow ?
    Regards W D Williamson.


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