Family Trees, Ready to begin

Step 2 - Ready to Begin

You have done the ground work now hopefully for your family tree. You are armed with birth certificates, marriage records, notes from what your mother in law had to say about Uncle Fred, you get the picture.

Now if you have a family tree software package, or you have joined Ancestry. com or if your only tools are a big stack of paper, the beginning will still be the same.

Start with your self…

Birth date
Birth place

Next…Add your Father

Birth date
Birth Place
Marriage record
Death date

Next Add your Mother

Birth date
Birth place
Marriage record
Death record

Next Add your Fathers Father….and your Fathers Mother

Next Add your Mothers father…..and your Mothers Mother.

Next, stop now and decide where you want to go from here, do you want to go back and add your siblings, your Husband or Wife or do you go on researching your Grandparents? It is up to you, after all it is your family tree and this information has to be added at some time.

If you go back to adding siblings or partners then its easy ,you are just adding facts to the data base. If you are starting to trace one of your family lines then this is the next step in your family research. A good place to start looking for them is in the census, which one will depend on what years your ancestors lived in. If you are researching your Ancestors from the United Kingdom then the 1881 is available on line free. This is where or comes in very handy as they have the English census for the years 1841,1851,1861,1871,1881,1891 and the last year available at the moment 1901


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