Family Tree, Trace your family

Step 1 - How to trace your family

Have you wanted to trace your family tree but didn't know how?

Then read on, we will help you start your family tree with our guidance and useful tips.

Step one, make a list.

Think about which lines you want to follow. You have two Parents, four Grandparents. Eight Great Grandparents.

It's a good idea to start with the family line that you know the most about. If some of your Ancestors were from Ireland ,then maybe leave that family line until you know more about family search. Many of the Irish records did not survive. Births records in Ireland were not compulsory until 1868.

Step two, ask your elderly relatives

Talk to all the members of your family ,ask them what they remember and take notes. The day will come when all those little notes of information will fit in somewhere and help you make a connection on your family tree.

Step three

Gather all the old photos,letters,birth,marriage and death records that you have or that your relatives may have.

Step four

Now having got all this information you are ready to start with your research.


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