Best Tools for Family Tree

The value of a good conversation

One of the best tools for researching your family tree is quite simply having a good chat with one of your older relatives.

The next time that you pick up the phone or go for a visit, just be prepared.

Make a list of Questions that you could ask them. Make notes during the conversation.

After the visit or the phone call, go through your notes and regroup them into order. This could be into a story form or you may have tasks from some of the notes for researching. It's also important where you make these notes. How many times have you used a piece of scrap paper that usually gets left by the telephone? Then someone else uses it and then it just disappears.

Use a notebook and this way the notes will still be there when you are ready to use them.

It may seem like the smallest piece of information that you have been told. A personal story, a description, or an incident that happened to someone in your tree.

Once you add these anecdotes to profiles on your tree, you will be surprised how much your tree has gained from them. They can really bring your tree to life and create interest for the reader.

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