Free lancashire Genealogy records

Lancashire BMD is a free online index to Births, Marriages and Deaths registered in the county of Lancashire, England. Copies of the register entries can be purchased from the local registers.
The indexes are not complete but are being updated all the time.
Take a look.


  1. I am looking for information on the williams/law families that lived in smallbridge in the mid 1800's

  2. looking for family unwin /robinson family liverpool 18 hundreds

  3. Sorry that it took me so long to reply but i have been away on holiday.
    There are a number of marriages in Liverpool between Unwin's and Robinson's.To find the right family i would need more information. This could be the full name of a member of the family, place of birth, occupation, marriage records. If it is your family then work backwards starting with yourself,your parents and then your grandparents. I would be happy to help you


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